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Marcy Madzikanda: On making plans and not pipe dreams. The ultimate bucket list.

Someone said if you don’t write it down it’s just a dream and not a goal. With that in mind the post today is the start of me setting destination goals. It is not an exhaustive list and I anticipate that it will continue to grow as I tick these countries off the list. Some places I have already been but wish to return and see more like Croatia, USA, Slovenia, France and Italy.

This list is not in any particular order.

1) Thailand

2) Bali

3) Turks and Caicos

4) Vietnam

5) Croatia

6) Bulgaria

7) France: Bordeaux, Nantes, Grasse

8) Australia

9) Japan

10) China

11) Tanzania & Zanzibar

12) Namibia

13) Ghana

14) Nigeria

15) Sardinia

16) Turkey

17) Panama

18) Jamaica and many Caribbean islands

19) Cuba

20) Hawaii

21) Slovenia

22) Gambia

23) USA: Florida, Miami

24) Greece

25) Kenya

26) Maldives

27) Mauritius

28) Cape Verde

29) Ibiza

30) Portugal

31) Sri Lanka

A pretty short list for starters and at the top of my head. How does one tackle this with a baby right? I would recommend splitting the list in blocks to begin. Europe is easier to plan from the UK with a child. The flight is obviously shorter and if booked early enough can be a lot cheaper.

You can also fly into one country and leave from another if you are more adventurous and using the Euro makes it easier. To get about I would recommend staying near the areas you wish to explore meaning you can walk or use local transport to get about. If you wish to travel further, trains, buses, ferries or hiring a car are all options though the latter would significantly increase costs.

I would also consider traveling off season as it will be less busy and the money you save can be used on gaining more experiences.

I have always wanted to go on a cruise and am yet to convince my nearest and dearest to sail away with me. An aversion of being trapped on board, fear of being in a floating vessel and an inability to swim have been the excuses given. I however can’t think of a better way to travel and tick off a number of my destinations on my ultimate bucket list. I could fly to either Miami or Florida, site see for a few days. Hop on board the cruise, hop off at a number of islands, explore for up to a week or more (finances) then back to port and home. Minimal stress and maximum enjoyment.

Now to figure out funding the dream and making it happen.

Until next time and be sure to like the post.


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