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Marcy Madzikanda: On my first trip to Korcula and Split

So this post continues on from a previous post on my first visit to Dubrovnik. In this post I focus on our stay in Korcula and Split. We stayed in each for a couple of nights and mainly walked around the towns, ate, and swam in the sea.

As January comes to a close, and the optimistic feel of spring is warming our hearts, I’d hope you have booked your holidays. In the past this was when I would book most of my trips, during the big airline flight sales. If you have not booked your holiday yet, I’d strongly suggest having Croatia on your list. This post and the last give my opinion on how I found Croatia.

Summertime in Croatia - Jul 2015

Korcula is an island in the Adriatic Sea. As mentioned in the previous post, most of Croatia is well connected. Although there is no train from Dubrovnik, it appeared to be relatively well connected to the islands via buses, ferry, and catamaran. We chose to go by catamaran and it was a rather comfortable trip. There was one stop before ours I think, with a few more after Korcula. The price was reasonable about 55 kuna I believe. Though if you go off season this mode of travel may not apply so do check in advance but most places were served by coaches to and from the airport. We also used a catamaran from Korcula to Split.

We rented an apartment for our duration, which was about a 10-15 minute walk into town. When we stayed out late, we took a cab back in the evening.

What to see, although I can’t specifically recommend anything in this town other than walking around and taking dips in the sea wherever you fancy, I highly recommend this is added to your bucket list . I ate a fair amount sea food and drank local wine, went to a large supermarket which had a lovely restaurant with open air terrace and bought a copious amount of local cheese. Myother half bought horse meat (clearly marked of course, so he could taste it). Marco Polo’s house is situated here, it’s rumoured he was born there and a fortress and such like, though we didn’t get to go inside any of these historical places during our stay. There was also a lovely section of restaurants on a terrace of sorts right next to the sea which had a great vibe and views. The old town is small and easy to walk around.

Summertime in Croatia - Jul 2015

Split: we didn’t spend as much time exploring this city and I would probably suggest if you were planning on visiting Croatia, to make this your first stop. You can then proceed to island hop to Solta, Brac and Hvar from here, while avoiding the crowds.

For us however after two fairly active towns, we relaxed in Split for a couple of nights. Our host recommended a beach the locals went to and we went one morning with the intention of spending a couple of hours but instead spent most of the day with only a handful of other people. Pure bliss. I honestly can’t remember the name of the beach, but even if did I would respect the locals and not share the name. We ventured into town for a late lunch which was delicious and the host refused a tip, gave us free watermelon and excellent local wine. Bistro Toc  Honestly we regretted not exploring more, or staying longer, however appreciated everyone we met and whiling time away on the beach and our balcony.


We booked a train from Split to Zagreb however the train was cancelled and a coach was provided which took about the same time to get to the city. Be prepared for cancellation and alternative travel methods so do arrive at the station early. I’d also like to point out that these weren’t the most modern of trains so pack snacks and use bathroom facilities before boarding (Zagreb – Slovenia). We had booked first class but this may not be the first class you maybe accustomed to and enjoy the ride and chatting to your travel partners.

A huge thank you to Ray Tang details: for sharing his pictures for these posts, as mine were safely stored somewhere and am yet to find them.

I will share a short post on Zagreb next. :

Our travels in Croatia were magical.

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