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Marcy Madzikanda: On Life Admin

I booked a day off for life admin. Pre my little one, my days off were always for fun, trips,  and such like. Today its purely checking things off my to do list I can’t get done during the weekends.

Since I returned to work after my ‘extended maternity leave’ I like to spend my weekends with my little one not doing much, but being present for her. The past few weekends the weather has been perfect for hibernating and cuddles. Also as this is flu season, this has been doing the rounds at nursery and she has not escaped. These gentle weekends have been perfect for us. This however has meant all the things I meant to do, posts I meant to write, research I meant to carry out has not happened.

So today, we are all about life admin. It is bloody marvellous! Given that I will be going on fewer trips abroad, as we are literally paying another mortgage with our nursery fees, I will try to make these a regular feature. She’s at nursery, the other half has gone to work, its all about me time.

It is not even 9:30 and I have completed one blog post, working on another, sent two emails that have been in draft form for a few weeks. Written my parking tickets appeal for parking where I live, I mean come on!

In a few minutes I will be talking to a potential coach, I feel like I have achieved so much and it is not even 10:00 yet. I will certainly use future life admin days to work through my goals for 2018.

I mentioned before I was looking into coaching, and after researching I realised it was particularly difficult to find anyone with credentials as anyone can literally set themselves up as a coach with next to no experience.

I had however discovered Danielle Laporte online and liked what I read, and decided to buy her Desire Map Planner. I’ve never been one to use planners (other than my calendar). At the time I ordered this on Amazon, my thinking was I could perhaps use this to prompt actions, or thought processes a coach would. As January draws to a close, I am mindful that other than looking through it when it was delivered I have not put pen to paper yet. I am hopeful my 2018, will not whizz by as quickly as January has, and that I will accomplish what I have set my mind on.

I will keep you updated on how all this works out over the next few months.

If you have not set your goals for this year, I would strongly suggest you do so as its such an empowering feeling, when you take steps towards changing areas of your life you want to improve and can do so in a manageable way.

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