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Market Hall Victoria: Review

I had a rather delightful visit to the recently opened Victoria Market halls and what a breathe of fresh air from all the franchises in the area that can afford the rent. I was expecting it to be out doors, not enough seating and crappy toilets however I was pleasantly surprised.

Great use of the building, eclectic mix of traders, indoors, baby change facilities, high chairs and smart toilets with a comfortable seating area. I couldn’t fault this venue and anticipate further visits. I’d probably avoid traditional lunch hour (12:30 – 2:30) as it was relatively busy. I didn’t see or use an elevator so can’t confirm step free access but I’d like to believe this building is accessible.

Open for breakfast and late into the night with a roof terrace due to open Spring 2019 this looks like the place to be.

I wasn’t able to try everything (obviously) but I will review what we ate as well as what I will most likely eat on my next visit.

Koya Ko

First up Koya Ko – once I realised they were on site this was a must visit. I loved the restaurant in Soho and was sad to see it close. The dishes I wanted to try were sold out (around 1) so I ordered the mackerel udon (SABA and green leaves) I wanted to love it…. but it was a bit meh. The broth lacked depth, the smoked mackerel – (vacuum packed I suspect), the green leaves – salad leaves from a bag. This was not good value for £11.20. To drink I had hot ginger – home made. This was nice though could have had more ginger and for £3.10, unreasonably priced for the portion.

I hope this was first week opening jitters, however I do hope they return to the flavoursome broths that blew my mind when I discovered them. I will try them again but not any time soon.

Monty’s Deli

In fairness, I didn’t order the Rueben Sandwich – my partner did. I took a bite and I was blown away. I can’t begin to describe how delicious this was. My idea of eating out doesn’t often involve ordering a ‘sandwich’ though I will make an exception for Banh Mi. This was so moorish. The toast was still warm, as was the salt beef and cheese just melting with carefully balanced flavours. I can only describe this as comforting and this was my dish of the day.

Kerbisher & Malt

On that day you want fish & chips and don’t have a favourite spot and not by the seaside you will want to come here. The fish was fresh, battered and fried when ordered and served piping hot. At £10.50 this is such a steal and excellent chips and tartare.

Gopal’s Corner

A little theatre is never a bad a thing. The roti are made fresh and you can see him work.

This was the best part of the meal. The beef rendang was unlike any I’ve ever had. Light in colour, no flavour or spice and the beef was ‘boiled’ at a high heat as opposed to ‘low and slow’. The result was tough and dry, I suspect separate from the ‘sauce’ – so it could be used in different dishes. This was not good at all, at £7.50 a bargain. I may try a different dish with the roti perhaps. The rice dishes looked good though wouldn’t order the rendang any time soon.

The Bar

There is a bar on the ground floor and we had negronis which were good and the staff were friendly. I would pay them another visit.

I would like to try:


Baozi Inn

Super Taco – I gave up on Mexican food in the U.K. as it often tasted like cardboard but I will give this a try one day. After tasting authentic dishes in Mexico and Old Town San Diego I hope it’s worth it.

Do pay them a visit if you can and let me know your thoughts.

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