An African mum living, learning, and documenting the process.

Marcy Madzikanda: On overcoming mental blocks

I struggle with many things to the point of inaction. My brain gets overwhelmed thinking, analysing what direction to take in life, career, business, health and love.

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions and quite frankly we are well into 2019. I do however spend January thinking what next? I often do this to take stock of what I have achieved the previous year, how I felt about it, how I wish to tackle or embrace the year ahead and the actions I need to take. (Sounds rather ‘resolutionary’ hah?!)

I was talking to someone today and I literally gave her a business plan of what she could do to create a business that could earn her a sizeable income. Thing is, I can do this rather easily for other people yet struggle with coming up with a ‘niche’ or ‘unique’ business plan for myself.

I told her I should charge her for it, and also said “I know that I am good at ‘telling people what to do’ and a friend suggested I rephrase that to giving advice”. Which naturally led me to look at being a life coach. As I truly believe that what I do is so much more than ‘giving advice’ I dismissed that last year as I looked at some (life coaches) and issues around authenticity, accountability and credibility came to mind.

Today I revisit that idea, as I have done many times and acknowledge that it is a limiting belief on my part, stopping myself from doing something that would literally change lives, bring me joy, a business I could see myself doing for awhile and what I do about it?

Can I life coach myself to the life I desire? That is the question I will continually be asking myself over the course of this year and hopefully, you and many others will join me to see how it goes! I will breakdown the big ‘how’ questions into smaller action plans and ‘just start’ and ‘see how it goes’


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