An African mum living, learning, and documenting the process.

Marcy Madzikanda: On being stuck

My first and last post was in February. I had promised myself to post consistently. My ‘consistent’ was once a month. Nearly 4 months later radio silence. I find myself looking at July fast approaching and the end of the year in sight and asking myself what I’ve accomplished! Such an anxiety inducing mindset and not helpful.

I started several posts just didn’t finish any. Life got in the way. I need to work on being more consistent with my goals.

I started seeing another professional coach and identified I don’t write my goals down. I start but never finish. I used to do this regularly but time… rather excuses.

I watched a vlog today (I rarely do) but the content creator talked about being ‘stuck’ and that feeling being caused by an inability to have difficult conversations, because the outcome of those conversations would require a change in circumstances that I was avoiding.

I don’t know this person, never interacted with their content before yet it felt like they had summarised exactly where I’m at and have been for a few months.

Shortly after the last post, I felt I needed therapy. My go to treatment / therapy would automatically have been a massage. I booked a Thai massage and that was an experience. Had never had one before but felt I needed ‘more’ than someone working my muscles. I considered talking therapy but again, I felt that wasn’t right. I had two courses of treatment previously and it found it I useful. I will do this again and encourage people to access this in any way possible. It is so beneficial.

I needed something more holistic and settled on acupuncture. I searched for someone I could ‘vibe’ with. I’ve been seeing her for a few months now and some sessions have been ‘magical’ for want of a better word. I will talk about this in detail in time but if you can, I’d highly encourage giving it a try. I’d had one session before but had never fully explored it.

To all who asked me where I was and when to expect the next post, thank you! I can’t express how deeply satisfying it is to know that my ramblings have helped others.

I’ve been working on ‘stuff’ and trying to get ‘unstuck’. I still am but for the rest of this year will be more intentional in posting! Enjoy the rest of your week and be kind to people, you may never know what someone is truly going through.


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