An African mum living, learning, and documenting the process.

Marcy Madzikanda: On my road to recovery (Acupuncture review)

Earlier in the year I decided to have therapy again. I’d been mulling over what form and I decided to try acupuncture.

I had one session previously just before I conceived for a sore wrist and told the man we were also trying to conceive. I now know that I was probably already pregnant at that time as I experienced carpel tunnel syndrome for most of the pregnancy and several months after.

I wanted someone closer to home. The first therapist didn’t respond in a timely manner and her treatment room was not in the advertised area. The second was closer to home, responded quickly and seemed to connect with what I needed over email.

When I met Anna I found her to be very calming, didn’t bat an eyelid at the trauma I wanted to address through therapy and instinctively understood that I wanted something more than talking therapy.

I felt comfortable enough to open up and trust her practice. I had quite a few sessions over several months and in addition to working on mental blocks, I had some physical issues that I finally addressed.

I requested had an MRI for a niggle in my ankle I’d had for nearly 15 years (an A&E doctor said it was a sprained ankle, gave me ibuprofen and never suggested physio). Nearly 6 months after the injury my GP referred me for physio as I was still in pain, however scar tissue had formed and it wasn’t possible to reverse the damage.

During these sessions and at her suggestion I also requested a gynaecology referral and discovered a blocked fallopian tube I’d never had known was there. I’ve also tried new techniques like guasha stone and moxi! I always left relaxed and felt things shifting internally. Sometimes not in that moment but later in the way I dealt with certain situations or how I felt in the aftermath – I felt emotionally stronger and began working on bringing my body to the same state.

Like learning to drive, you stop looking at the cost and think, until I get my license, that was my mindset with acupuncture and pressed on for many months until I took a pause as life happened.

During that pause that ‘stuck feeling’ slowly lifted I started working out more, stopped drinking gin and felt motivated to make the changes I wanted. I have since lost over 9 kilos and feel a shift from the time I first visited her. I still have more work to do and writing this had me think about writing about some of that trauma my body held on to… (Thinking where to begin and what to share publicly).

With regards to acupuncture, I will book more sessions in the new year when things slow down a bit and I can make time for myself. I’d definitely say give it a go. It was worth every penny for me.

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