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Marcy Madzikanda on becoming a blogger: This African mums story

Not another blog! For years I debated with friends and in my head about the value of starting a blog. I thought that there were so many bloggers out there what more could I say that had not been said somewhere else.

Over the past year I have spent a lot of time on social media. As a new Mum this space provided answers to questions I had about raising a new born and navigating pregnancy, labour, maternity leave as well as inspiration for my next steps. One thing that I noticed early on was the lack of diversity (representation) of other mums like me. The more I delved into the blogosphere I noticed a trend, brands that used these #instamums rarely (if ever) had people of colour promoting their goods and services. Which led me to ask a few why this was? No responses have been received thus far.
I had the opportunity to attend a few Masterclasses and conferences on blogging and brand identity to help me explore ways I could make a meaningful impact and again very little representation. Bearing in mind that this was not the first time I had been aware of this. Prior to being a mum, I worked in the charity sector, we often faced the same challenge when looking for online African influencers to work with on social media campaigns. If we identified any, the decision to use them was often based on the number of followers they had, too few suggested their sphere of influence had little impact. I imagine this is the ‘justifiable’ reason used to explain the lack of representation by many brands.
In the last week I decided to ‘just start that blog’ and find the answers whilst blogging and figuring out my niche. Where it will end up only God knows. For now, I want to be that visible African mum on social, that people will come to know, trust and hopefully inspire others to create a welcoming community.
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